At some point nearly all goods consumed in the US are hauled by a truck. Trucks perform a distribution service that cannot be duplicated by any other form of transportation.

Currently YBTI has 40 drivers. We have an in-house dispatch team as well as an outside agent who specializes in heavy equipment.  We also have an on-site shop and maintenance crew, allowing us to keep our equipment and our owner operators’ equipment in top condition at an efficient cost.

With a philosophy of quality not quantity, YBTI has found that our clients appreciate our dependable service and flexibility to meet daily demands.  Our goal is to develop a relationship where both YBTI and our customers can benefit.  In keeping with this goal, we hire only a select few drivers and work with clients who are a good fit for our way of doing business.  It has been our experience, that by focusing on a select few as opposed to the many, all involved are happier with our service and employment.